Today I Stood at the Top of a Mountain and Cried

And then we turned around a bend and there it was. The most beautiful sight I have ever seen in my entire life. I couldn’t describe it even if I tried. It was one of those things that is truly ineffable. I sat down on a boulder and just cried. I cried those silent hot tears of awe, wonder, joy, humility, sacredness and connection with source.


My Beloved and My Friend

So today I celebrate our love, our friendship, the life we are creating together. Thank you Jason for loving me, for standing by me through the laughter and the tears, the dreams realized and the dreams shattered and every mundane moment in between. When we are old and gray I know we will be sitting on the beach, hand in hand, laughing about what a great ride this life has been!

Rock & Roll Inspiration

When I see the lead singer Ed Kowalczyk perform I always get the sense that there is nothing else in the entire world he would rather be doing than performing. I find a kindred spirit in him, in that he wants to make music that means something. Music that transforms lives, prompts new ways of thinking and ultimately changes things. Oh! And he is a fellow mystic…gotta love that in a rock star.

Spiritual Adventure in Time & Space

We are ALL artists, constantly creating. No matter what our medium..even if we don’t have a definable medium…it’s the way in which we author our lives that is so important.


And just like the inner form of the bowl, wide and open, ready to receive, I now live my life in anticipation of all the abundance the universe is ready to pour into my life, all I have to do is ask!

To Begin

It’s all a reminder that it’s fine, if not preferable to do what you do and not know what you are doing. That sometimes we have to get out of the way so the inspiration and mystery can move through us. That in life as well as in art getting rid of fetters is a necessary pre-requisite to creating anything of value.

Dirty Girl Pottery

Musings on pottery, creativity and living life without being afraid to get a little dirty along the way.