I’m on vacation….or rather staycation, cause I’m staying home ūüôā With a few days off what else would I do but play in the clay?¬† I have spent two straight 8+ hour days… Continue reading

Naked Raku

With the long weekend ahead of me I decided to continue the “summer of raku” with what is by far my favorite type of raku…Naked Raku. I don’t really know much about naked… Continue reading

Raku Weekend

First of all just let me say that I totally respect raku¬†artists in a whole new way after my first attempt at this whole process.¬† It’s crazy fun, crazy messy and takes crazy… Continue reading

This Amateur’s Weekend at the Wheel

I took a couple of days off work to play in the clay this past week.¬† It’s been 9+ months since I threw so I spent the time warming up with small pieces… Continue reading

Summer of Raku

Summer of Raku I have decided to declare the summer of 2011 The Summer of Raku! I have only done one raku¬†firing before this summer and while it wasn’t the most sucessful¬†firing, it… Continue reading

The Earth We Are Made Of

“Unlike other works of art, they (pots) do not attempt to re-create something in another medium: pigment on canvas creating a language of line and color that stands for shade, space, and light;… Continue reading

Be *~*BOLD*~*

EEEEPPPP!!!! I just hit send on an e-mail and I’m sitting here having one of those moments were you know you did something really empowering and good for yourself and you just want… Continue reading

Sea~Glass Bowl

My precious friend Amy collected sea glass.¬† Well, collected is a bit of an!¬† She LOVED her precious sea glass.¬† It represented magic and transformation for her.¬† She would spend hours and… Continue reading

Bag a Day Challenge *~* Day 2 & 3*~*

So I’m super excited that I gave myself this challenge because it’s really stretching me and I’m having tons of fun. Yesterday I threw mugs.¬† People have been requesting mugs and I don’t… Continue reading

DO Something!

I need to DO something already! Time to get out of my head and into some action.¬† There are few things in the world that bring me as much happiness and peace as… Continue reading