*~*Coming Soon*~*


I’ve been working away on some exciting changes at The Dirty Girl Pottery Studio.  I shared in my last post that I was taking this year to really focus on my art and work towards some goals I have set for myself and my business as we both grow.

I’ve had this blog for several years now.  I post here even more sporadically than I used to throw pots.  I’m wanting to change that.  I didn’t really have a direction for this blog since it’s inception, and as I thought about changing it, expanding it ect. nothing ever really felt right so I just came and went as the spirit moved so to speak.  Then a few weeks ago when I decided I would stop playing around with pottery as a hobby and work to make it a more focused part of my life and my livelihood, the blog started taking on new shape in my mind’s eye and I’ve got some great things planned for this year.

So I thought I’d give a little overview of what I will be writing about and you can read along and pull out the parts that speak to you the most.  It’s going to hopefully have a little something for everyone, not just potters, or people who consider themselves artists or creative types.  I believe we all need a little more creativity and inspiration in our lives.

I’m sharing this new plan for content structure for two reasons.

  1. First I want you to know and understand the different post titles and categories that will be showing up in your news feed or in your e-mail so you can get the most out of reading and sharing this blog.
  2.   Second and probably most importantly I want to share the process of this year dedicated to growing my pottery business.  I want to be transparent in my activities, my goals, the actual results and the strategies and approaches I take so you can learn with and from me regardless what type of small business you may be thinking of starting.  And that leads me to my first post category:

Business Buzz Series

  I’ll be sharing steps, strategies, plans, tools and resources that I’m currently using or have used in the past to help establish and grow my pottery business.

Inspiring Entrepreneurs Series

  Each month I’ll highlight an entrepreneur that inspires me.  I’ll share their story and relate it to what is going on in my own emerging business.  I never get tired of hearing about entrepreneurial success and hopefully it will inspire you too.

Around The Studio Series

  These posts will be quick photos and sharing of the pots I’m creating, as well as the studio space I’m creating behind the scenes.  My goal is to do one a week.

Pottery Tutorials

This one is the scariest of ALL!  I’m going to start doing tutorials on techniques and processes I’m experimenting with and using in the pottery studio.  One of my goals is to someday teach others how to throw pots as well as teach all kinds of other creative classes and workshops…..so I’m pushing myself to create some tutorials to share here on my blog.  I’ll be doing one a month and maybe more if I get better and more brave 🙂

Creative Inspiration Series

These posts will happen weekly and will be a quick video, quote or story aimed at inspiring you in your own creative journey.

What do you think?  I’m so excited to have more focus here and hopefully to bring some value to those reading along with me!

Stay tuned this weekend for the March installment of the Inspiring Entrepreneurs Series.  It’s a great story!