The Most Precious Gift

The story that we all live [is] the cycle of creation and destruction, of control and letting go, of picking up the pieces and making something new.” — Julie Burstein

Birthday Pressie 002My mother-in-law created this beautiful garden sculpture for me for my Birthday!  I love it so much!

I love it because first of all its beautiful, and second because she transformed objects that by themselves were plain and ordinary but together are unique and one of a kind.  This particular work of art can never be duplicated, it’s original and one of a kind.

I love the way the colors in the glass and the pottery reflect off one another and created this blue green glow.  I love that she filled some spaces with iridescent blue and green glass beads and how creative and thoughtful that was.  I can already imagine how the spring and summer sun will bounce around in there creating a kaleidoscope of brilliant shiny colors that will remind me of the ocean; my favorite place to be.

I have been wanting to share a picture of it since the day I received it.  I thought..oh this will make a nice blog post.  And then like I so often do I spent hours searching for the right quote, a sentiment someone else expressed that would fit the situation and my feelings about this gift.  Looking for something someone else said…..

Why do we do that?  Imagine someone else can or has said it better?

I do that with my pottery also.  I spend literally hours on pinterest being inspired by other potters creations.  I think my All Things Clay” board has something like 1,600 pins.  While the board “My Pottery” has less than 100.  I’m not criticizing myself, it’s flipping AWESOME that I have made 100 pots that I like well enough to share with the world, and there is nothing wrong with looking at the work of artists you admire and getting inspired by their work.  It’s part of how you grow as an artist.  But recently I was in the studio after a long break away from the wheel and the comparison monster reared it’s ugly head.  Everything I was making look so amateur and childish.  I just kept thinking who am I to even consider doing this for a living?  I’ll never make anything like what I see out there.  And then I stopped and haven’t been back to the wheel since.

Silly, and you would think that I’d get over it….but I struggle with it ALL THE TIME.

What usually brings me back is simply the joy of making the pots, but recently I’ve been considering taking my hobby a bit more seriously and trying to actually earn a living creating and sharing my joy of clay with others and that is an whole different playground for the comparison monster to play in.  He’s having a field day 😦

It’s risky business investing in our creativity, our passions and inner most joys.  It’s like standing naked in the middle of the street.  It literally feels like that to me when I share something I’ve made. It’s the letting go part AGAIN!

 Creation~destruction~control~letting go~picking up the pieces~creating something new

It happens in our lives that surround our art making, it happens in the studio when we are working to birth something new into the world, it happens again when we sell our creations, and as we create business models to support and grow our creative enterprises.

It’s a cycle that instead of suffering through I have decided to embrace and make a wondrous lover out of her.  Because bemoaning the parts of the cycle that cause me discomfort is fighting a helpful and necessary process.

I think this garden sculpture represents that so beautifully and as I look at it everyday it will serve as a touchstone for me to love the process and be consciously aware that each phase is ripe with purpose and meaning if I will pay attention and dance with it.