I’m on vacation….or rather staycation, cause I’m staying home 🙂

With a few days off what else would I do but play in the clay?  I have spent two straight 8+ hour days out in my studio pretending that the only responsibility I had in the world was to eat, drink, sleep and pot.  And that’s all I’ve been doing.  Can’t think of a better vacation.  And it’s only half over!

I’m taking a small break from my self-proclaimed summer of raku.  Partly because it’s just so hot outside and partly because my terra sig isn’t ready and I don’t want to do any more naked raku or horesehair raku without it.  So, I’ve pulled out my cone 5-6 glazes and started playing around with some different glazes and experimenting with the Mayco Element Chunkies glazes and Mayco Crystalite Glases as an accent.  These are typically used in low fire applications but I had heard that they could be fired all the way up to cone 6 so I tried it out.  I used Amaco Potters Choice glazes as a base.

Below are a few examples:

Frosted Melon with Herb Garden


Toasted Sage with Safari


Iron Luster with Cappuccino Mint


Umber Float with Oriental Caramel

I added a cascading glaze coat on top of the chunks to get the running effect.
All in all I’m pretty happy with them.
I have a load of pots thrown, trimmed and drying out waiting to get loaded into the kiln.

Staycation pots

The best part of this post???  I have two more days of vacation so… to the wheel!
See you later!