This Amateur’s Weekend at the Wheel

Something I need to remember so I stay patient and present in the moment, which is what I love about pottery in the first place, the trance like meditative creative process!

I took a couple of days off work to play in the clay this past week.  It’s been 9+ months since I threw so I spent the time warming up with small pieces and getting used to a new clay body. 

It always amazes me how easily throwing comes back.  Problem is all my bad throwing habits show up pretty quickly!  Like I somehow thought that just being away from the wheel would chase those struggles away 😉  I started with 1-2 lbs of clay on the first day, then moved to 4-6 the second day.  Finally the third day I threw a couple 8-10 lb balls. 

I also spent hours upon hours online researching some great alterative firing methods to round out my summer of Raku.  Decided I’m going to try my hand at traditional raku with commercial glazes this weekend when I fired the kiln up for the first time.  But later this summer I’ll try my hand at some horsehair and foil saggar methods as well.  There is a ton of great info out there and I especially loved Charles Riggs foil sagger demonstration and learned a lot from his website.  Literally can’t wait to try the ferric chloride method.

I’m off to make some terra sig  (something I’ve never done before) and do some bisque firing.  Hopefully my next post will be showing off my first Raku firing of the summer.  In the meantime here are some pics of the pots I threw this weekend. And a couple of videos my husband Jason shot so we could practice before we document the firing next weekend. 

I hope wherever you are and whatever you are creating you realize the amazing gift you are giving yourself and the world by letting your creativity out! 

1-2 lbs


3-6 lbs untrimmed pots