Be *~*BOLD*~*


I just hit send on an e-mail and I’m sitting here having one of those moments were you know you did something really empowering and good for yourself and you just want to grin and tell the whole world about it.  Here is what happened…….I did something that is outside of my comfort zone and it felt BOLD!

I have been missing the clay again, and I know it’s getting time to get back to the wheel….I can feel it in my bones.  So a few days ago I was taking stock of my supplies and deciding what I needed to purcahse to get going again.  I went to my favorite glaze supplier Coyote Cone Six Glazes and saw a headline on their website for their annual glaze contest.  So I entered!

Just like that.

No thoughts about how I would have no chance at winning….no time for letting laziness take over….I just did it!

And it feels really good.

Here are the pieces I entered…..wish me luck!