Sea~Glass Bowl

My precious friend Amy collected sea glass.  Well, collected is a bit of an!  She LOVED her precious sea glass.  It represented magic and transformation for her.  She would spend hours and hours at beaches from San Diego to Northern California exploring and searching for those treasures.  She ventured out in the late winter in her home state of Michigan to find those gems and was always seeking new opportunities to discover a secret beach swimming with bright bits of color.  She started sleeping with some of her favorite pieces.  She would hold them in her hands, rub her fingers against the smooth surface and pray for her friends and family.  When she passed away this past February, her friends and family placed sea glass in her casket.  I took some pieces and placed them under her pillow….she will always sleep with sea glass.

While she was living we would talk about going and collecting some pieces to put in my pottery.  We never got to take that trip, but she left some of her beloved pieces behind and I’m finally getting around to experimenting with using them in my pots.

A *~*HUGE*~* thank you to Karen Sullivan @ Feats of clay Pottery Studio for sharing with me her experience with the *mermaid tears*.  I contacted her after Amy passed and she so generously shared her process and it worked perfectly 🙂  Check out Karen’s work….she is super talented.

I only tried one piece to start just in case it didn’t work or I had some problems.  Much to my surprise the first piece turned out perfectly!  Amy would love it!  I did have one piece that must have been dirty or less pure than the others in the mix because it turned out milky…but I really can’t complain for it being my first try.

Here is the pic of the bowl after I had glazed it and put the sea glass in the bottom.

And here are a couple pics of the finished bowl!

I’m looking forward to exploring more and making some memorial pots to give to Amy’s closest friends and family.

I could feel her smiling down yesterday as I unloaded the kiln.

I miss you Amy, and I love you so very much.