Bag a Day Challenge *~* Day 2 & 3*~*

So I’m super excited that I gave myself this challenge because it’s really stretching me and I’m having tons of fun.

Yesterday I threw mugs.  People have been requesting mugs and I don’t usually make them so I thought it would be a good form to work with on my second day.  And then I started…….and I remembered why I don’t throw mugs very often.  I don’t like making them!  UGH!  I supposed it’s because I’m super impatient and there seem to be endless steps in making such a small piece.  Also because I don’t consider myself good at it, I get frustrated easily and quit.  In quitting I don’t give myself a chance to get better….and the only way to get better in pottery is to make TONS of them.  So you see my dilemma 😉

Anyway, I jumped in with both hands and got really dirty….and really frustrated….and really impatient.   And I didn’t quit! YEA ME!  Monday I just threw the bodies.  Today I pulled the handles and did some trimming.  I gave myself a pass on starting another bag of clay today because honestly it took me all day to do the handles and trimming.

Here is the result of Monday’s day at the wheel.

And here is what I finished today.

As far as the risk part of my challenge goes, just making mugs was a risk….but I decided to do unusual and crazy handles and experiment with all sorts of shapes of mugs.  I tried to accent the character of the mug body with a handle that complemented it and took the character of the mug forward…stretching my abilities and my imagination.  I ended up having a lot of fun and once I got going is wasn’t so intimidating to me.

I still have some clean up work to do tomorrow and some more trimming then I’ll put these puppies away and let them dry before I fire them.

Tomorrow I’ll takle another 25lb bag of clay.  What shall I make???  Sugguestions anyone??