DO Something!

I need to DO something already!

Time to get out of my head and into some action.  There are few things in the world that bring me as much happiness and peace as throwing clay.  Yet I’ve been away from my wheel since Christmas.  I actually have no idea why.  It’s like that with our creativity sometimes, it just gets pushed to the end of our priority lists.  NOT where it should be!  We should  make our creativity/joy a major priority in our daily lives.

So I’m giving myself a 7 day challenge.  A jump start back into my pottery practice.  I’ve decided to throw a bag of clay a day.  That’s 25lbs of clay each day.  not a small challenge, but not a huge one either.  Although tomorrow I may feel differently about that;)   I’m already sore from today’s bag of clay.  But hey….it’s supposed to be a challenge and well, if you know me at all, you know I’m not real found of moderation 😉

If you are not a potter or no have experience with clay here is what 25lbs of clay looks like.

In addition to the quantity challenge I’m committed to taking a risk with at least 2 pieces.  This is so hard for me…..sometimes I get a piece thrown and I’m just so grateful to have SOMETHING that I stop there and just let it dry.  Not this week, I’m going to be bold and alter a couple of finished pots.  Hopefully I’ll  discover some new techniques I can incorporate into my work.  If nothing else I’ll get some practice loosening up and letting go.

I started my challenge this afternoon.  I had planned to throw mugs all day but when I sat down I wanted to work with larger balls of clay.  I threw 6 bowls….my favorite form to throw.  Here they are.

Here are the two that I took a risk with and altered after they dried a bit.

This one I carved a pattern on the inside wall of the bowl.

This one I played with the rim.  I carved random patterns and made deep indentations to create a subtle wave pattern.  I really like this.

So tomorrow….MUGS!  I can throw a lot of mugs with 25lbs of clay and I should have plenty of oppotunity to play with shape and size.

I’m so glad I decided to give myself this challenge.  It’s nice to have a goal, plus when I’m through with 7 days I will have plenty of new work to add to my etsy store and perhaps this will lead me to accumulating enough inventory to start thinking about doing a summer art fair.  That was one of my goals for the year……we’ll see!  I’ll be back tomorrow 🙂