~Touch Drawing~

I’m a few weeks behind with my participation in the Creating Dreams Come True Journey @ ABC Creativity.  But that’s how life goes sometimes.  I’ve traveled to Chicago to visit some of my best friends, adopted two Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs, started the interview process for a new job, started the application process to go back to school, and all sorts of other things.  I haven’t even had my hands in the clay since Christmas…so that tells you how busy life has been.

All of this activity is on time and on purpose….every day I make more and more progress towards the realization of my dreams.  Sometimes that progress is purposeful and planned, like applying to graduate school and applying for jobs that support going back to school.  And other times it’s not planned.  Instead, the serendipitous arrival of joys, passions and new interest surprise me along the way and fill me with gratitude knowing that while I push in my meager human ways…I’m simultaneously being pulled by something higher and bigger than myself, something that already knows the amazing reality of those dreams.

That is what happened with my recent discovery of Touch Drawing.  One of my greatest dreams is to use the creative arts in conjunction with traditional therapy and new thought spiritual principles to touch the lives of those who are hurting, to walk along side those on their healing journey and show them new doors of personal expression and wholeness.  While researching schools and creative arts certificates, I came across an amazing woman,  Deborah Koff-Chapin, the creator and founder of the Center for Touch Drawing.  I immediately knew that this form of expression was something I wanted to explore and share with others.

So today I did my first touch drawing session….and it was amazing!  There is something very primal inside of me that desires to express with my hands, and I love that there are no tools, no rules and no standards like you would find in taking a traditional painting class.  I just closed my eyes and let my hands move with my soul.  There was no attachment to the images, no ideas in my head of what I wanted things to look like….just pure soul-expression.  I felt so alive and so grateful for the opportunity and the experience.  I know that I will continue doing these sessions and I look forward to sharing it with my friends and exploring the therapeutic applications.  I see so many possibilities!

The process was very intimate and personal…however, one thing I will share with you is that about half way through the session a song came to mind and has been going through my head all day.  It’s called “Angels Among Us”.  I feel like my session today reminded me that I’m not alone, that there are seen and unseen guides, angels, if you will, in front of, beside, above and below holding sacred space for my unfoldment in this world.

Here is a slide show of my drawings in the order they came out of me.

I hope wherever you are, whatever you are doing this day…you know you have angels watching over you!  Happy creating everyone!