Dreams Realized

studio wall“Whatever our wildest dreams may be, they only scratch the surface of what is possible”

from “Becoming Like God” pg. 29

This photo is from my pottery studio wall.  Having my own pottery studio in my home is one of the greatest dreams come true for me this last year.  It has opened up more possibility and joy in my life than I could have anticipated a couple of years ago when the dream first entered my consciousness.

I think that is true for many of our dreams…they are the gateway to even greater joys, dreams come true that we hadn’t dared to dream until the realization of the initial  dream.  Daring to dream, daring to believe our dreams can come true, sharing your dreams, supporting the dreams of others and sharing in each others journey as we do the rare and wild things required to realize our dreams….well, that is what living is all about. For me anyway 😉

Here are some of the dreams that have come true for me in my life so far.  Some of these dreams were conscious, planned and worked for.  Others were dreams that came true along the way, products of an inspired life, a commitment to and relentless pursuit of joy and bliss and the fall-out from other dreams realized.

If all this can come true in 32 short years….I can only imagine what the future holds!

~Saw the Foo Fighters live then met and hugged Dave Grohl! One of the greatest nights of my life!

~Married the man of my dreams.  That WAS the greatest night of my life 😉

~Swam with the dolphins

~Traveled the coast of California with my closest friends and family for my 30th birthday

~Graduated with highest honors from college

~Inducted into a national collegiate honor society

~Accepted into graduate school..twice

~Taught myself to knit

~bought my own home…twice

~Live on a large country estate with two bodies of water

~Have my own pottery studio

~Opened my own pottery store @ ETSY

~Sold my first piece of pottery to someone I didn’t know

~Had my pottery in a gallery show

~Learned to play the piano, flute, cello, violin and timpani

~Won a music scholarship to college

~Won an academic scholarship to college

~Started this blog

~Opened a spa business and grew it from 6 employees to 32.  Grew it from 0 clients to over 5000 in less than 4 years.

~Had a grand opening celebration for my spa and had the local news organization come and do a live report on the evening news.

~I have gone to every live concert I have ever wanted to, sat front row for Ani Difranco and Over The Rhine.

~Met my favorite author

~Was hired as the chief make-up artist for a major magazine shoot… twice.

~Ate @ Redd

~Ate @ Cut and met Wolfgang Puck

~Used my spa business to change lives for the better and donated thousands of dollars and many man hours to charities and individual people in need.

~Traveled all over the U.S. on business and pleasure

~Scored in the 97th percentile on the Psychology GRE

~Taken several vacations just by myself and discovered the joy of my own company and the thrill of adventuring in an unfamiliar place alone.

~Cried with joy more times than I can count.

~Faced some of my greatest fears and failures, lived through them with grace and thrived if not in spite of them but because of them. I know now how to re-frame failure and squeeze all the hidden blessings from it.

~Witnessed pure joy and unconditional love time and time again

~ Won honorable mention for a painting at my college art show.  I had never painted before I made that painting

~Saw the Steelers win the Super bowl on my birthday 🙂

~Jet skied in the Pacific Ocean

~Learned how to forgive others and most importantly how to forgive myself

~bought a brand new 2 seater convertible sports car and drove it all over the place with my hair blowing in the wind

~I have a group of friends that is my chosen family and we experience the world with enthusiasm, awe and wonder.  We experience and expect miracles.

~Was hired for my dream job out of 800+ applicants and over 13 hours of interviews.  Was promoted less than 2 years after that and had a successful and lucrative career with that company.

~Came to unconditionally love and accept myself.  I live with that reality today after dreaming of it for so many years.

~Learned how to weld

~Was offered every job I have ever interviewed for

~Went to Puerto Vallarta with my dearest friend

~Saw the Steelers play live 2 times and didn’t have to pay for either time

~Was featured on PBS, a regional business network programing show, newspapers, radio and promotional videos for organizations because of the success of my business

~Went to Celebrate your life 3 times and met some of the most amazing people I now call my friends

~Was selected to be a member of a singing group I dreamed of being a part of since I was very young

~Went on a country-wide summer tour with that group and have many cherished memories from that time in my life

~Won every title, scholarship, crown and competition I dreamed of as a young person

~Saw Billy Joel and Elton John in Vegas, center floor seats

~Have had many moments where I turned to a friend or loved one with tears in my eyes and said “There is nowhere else in the world I would rather be than here with you, doing this.” and felt my heart fill with such gratitude and happiness I thought I would explode. I’ll end with this cause what else is there in this life that could e more perfect? I can’t think of any dream more important to me than that!