Happy Hands and a Grateful Heart

This year in addition to doing the “Make it Happen in 2010 Creative Adventure over @ ABC Creativity, I’m also participating in the Creative Every Day Challenge over at Leah Piken Kolidas’s site. (She is a beautiful soul and amazing artist make sure you visit her site and check it out)

The theme for this month’s Creative Every Day Challenge is “body”.  The idea is to use the theme as a jumping off place or point of inspiration during the month to keep you in the creative process.

As a potter my immediate reaction to the word was to think of my hands and my heart…the two parts of my body most involved in my creative process.

Today I’m using my hands not at the wheel forming pots, but turned upward and extending through giving away some of my work.

This past Christmas I gave away many pieces of my pottery to friends and family.  It felt so good…but a couple of times it was hard to let go of them.  One time I actually cried as I packed these two pieces up and put them in a giant gift bag.  I don’t know why……it was really odd.  After reflecting a bit, I realized that I was giving away something very precious to me, something that had a lot of personal value and was the very best work I had ever done. I have always had a generous and giving heart, but this stretched me to a new point of generosity.  I remember thinking that of all the gifts I have ever given in my life, giving those pots away actually felt the most like a real gift, not because of the pots themselves, but because of what it activated in me….the spirit of unconditional love and abundance.  By letting go of the best I have to offer, I actively demonstrate that there is an unlimited supply of creative energy constantly flowing through me.   I don’t have to hold on to anything cause nothing really belongs to me anyway…it’s all part of the divine matrix constantly flowing to and through me.

So, I got up this morning, walked around my house and picked my favorite and best pots from their places of display.  I love living amongst my creations and over the last few months these pieces have given me such joy and satisfaction as they added beauty and charm to my home.  And as I started thinking of who I could give them to gratitude filled my heart.

One piece went to a woman who attended my first live pottery throwing demonstration and talk.  She loved the vase but couldn’t afford it at the time.

Another piece went to a former employee who went above and beyond his call of duty and helped teach me the ropes as his new manager in a manufacturing enviornment that was foreign and intimidating to me.  He didn’t have to give me the pointers, tips and advice.  I’m sure he had see his share of know it all managers come an go during his 20+ years on the job…but he extended a hand of kindess and made a world of difference for me.  He also enthusiastically supported my pottery and encouraged me to make it a priority in my life.

A beautiful bowl is on it’s way overseas to a loving soul who has touched many lives with her enthusiasm, joy and positive outlook on life.  She is dreaming wild dreams and making them happen while she makes the world a better place.  She is an entrepreneur with a heart and we need more of those people in this world.

The final piece is going to the first person to comment on this post……all I ask in return is that  you make the pledge to extend your hands and heart by giving away something precious and dear to you to a person or organization you are deeply grateful for in your life!

~With Happy Hands and a Grateful Heart~