100+Dreams for 2010

100 + Dreams for 2010

as inspired by Andrea @ ABC Creativity

Here I am in Big Sur, the most sacred and beautiful place on earth for me.  I remember the feeling standing there with the giant redwoods.  I felt grounded and as light as air all at the same time.  I felt deeply connected to the Source of all things and wide open to recieve all the goodness the Universe had for me.

That is how I stand before this new year….grounded, connected, open and willing.

Bring it on baby!

1. Attend a Steelers Game @ Heinz Field

2. Attend an Agape service in person and meet Rev. Michael

3. Make a line of *~*JOY Jars*~*

4. Replace the floor in my pottery studio

5. Take a pottery class or attend a workshop

6. Have many successful Raku firings

7. Get a job that is 40 hours or less a week with optional overtime that frees me up for school, art and service.

8. Become a regular volunteer (once a week)

9. Take a sculpture class

10. Swim, jet ski and para-sail in the pacific ocean

11. Attend a Kelly Tobey workshop

12. Have a Dirty Girl booth in at least one art fair this summer or fall

13. Increase the online presence and traffic for Dirty Girl

14. Make a series of pottery videos

15. Create an inspirational talk and pottery throwing demonstration and be invited to present it in public

16. Have a piece of my pottery in an art show

17. Perform an intentional act of love and service to my partner J at least once a day

18. Sign a lease for another year @ our beautiful country home

19. Buy a high end camera

20. Take a photography class

21. Grow enough veggies to feed myself all summer and possible all year long

22. Grow a year round herb garden

23. Take a Nia class and become a certified Nia instructor

24. Run one race

25. Climb a mountain

26. Learn to rock climb

27. Re-decorate my dinning room, entry way and hallway

28. Buy furniture and re-decorate my guest room

29. Develop a consistent meditation practice

30. Take a summer vacation with J

31. Develop and sustain a daily affirmation practice

32. Design and plan for a new stand alone pottery studio and classroom space

33. Travel overseas

34. Decide if I want to go back to school and start

35. Connect with an art therapist and decide if it is for me

36. Pay off the last of my debts and fully live a cash only lifestyle

37. Write a book on pottery and spirituality

38. Start painting again

39. Begin mapping out my dream of a creative healing organization/business

40. Do something philanthropic with my pottery

41. Introduce raw cooking and eating into my lifestyle

42. Continue to live with and heal my Celiac Disease and HS Disease with 100% organic, whole and gluten free foods.

43. Be a significant part of social change

44. Make a real difference in the life of at least one person

45. Continue attending online services @ Agape but also find a local spiritual community and become and active member.

46. Make a weekly financial contribution to something I believe in

47. Read 20 books and keep a journal of my reflections on each one

48. Sell 100 of my pots this year

49. Take a film class

50. Make a documentary

51. Learn to play the guitar

52. Buy a baby grand piano

53. Jump out of a plane

54. Develop and launch a new website for Dirty Girl

55. See Diane at least 3 times this year

56. Attend Celebrate Your Life for the 5th time

57. Go to the Memphis in May BBQ festival

58. Go skiing, snowboarding or tobogganing at least once this winter

59. Go white water rafting

60. Have a midnight hot springs bath @ Esalen

61. Stay @ Deetjens again

62. Be an active part of my nieces and nephews lives and get to know them better.

63. Write a poem

64. Get regular facials and massages

65. Hang a painting or photograph of mine in my home

66. Get a new laptop

67. Learn photoshop

68. Re-join my local co-op

69.  Go on a shopping spree @ the Chico’s outlet in Grove City, PA

70.  Eat at the Tin Angel for our anniversary (It’s where Jason proposed 🙂

71.  Start or join a band

72. Go to Alaska

73. See the Northern Lights

74.  Re-start taking myself out on “artist dates” and dates in general

75. Go to one of those bars where there is glow in the dark paint that comes out of the drums when you hit them have a blast and take lots of pictures!

76. Spend a ton of time in nature

77. Ride a horse on the beach

78. Attend some free lectures and community events

79. Consciously skip more often

80. Walk a labyrinth

81. Buy a huge trampoline for my back yard and spend lots of time jumping on it

82. Bathe, shower, moisturize with and smell like LUSH year round with my never ending supply of fresh handmade products.

83. Switch all my household cleaning products to organic and natural

84. Ride a mechanical bull

85. Have creative play dates with my friends

86. Join a business networking group

87. Re-connect with old business associates and be a part of encouraging others to make their creative businesses come true.

88. Join a softball team/league

89. See as many concerts as possible including but not limited to Ani Difranco, Live, 30 Seconds to Mars, Foo Fighters, Indigo Girls, Over The Rhine, The Killers

90. Get a larger kiln

91. Experiment with throwing porcelain

92. Participate in a wood firing

93. Get new eye glasses

94. Get to my ideal weight without “trying”….through my normal lifestyle choices.  No dieting!

95. Lead a creative workshop or class

96. Hike as many trails as possible

97. Sit all day by a mountain stream

98. Get a pottery stool

99. Have a full line of items on my ETSY store including bowls, vases, mugs, tumblers, plates, bakeware, canisters, jars, teapots, tea cups, pitchers, pie plates and whatever else I can think of.

100. Keep joy at the center of everything I do and gratitude in my heart at all times.

101. Learn to blow glass

102….more to come I’m sure 🙂