Go Big or Go Home

Jodi: The more I’m afraid of something, the more I know I have to do it. I figured that out when I was a kid. I can lead a protected life, hiding away from the scary world. Or I can take on the things that scare me the most. The more it might hurt, the more I might die doing it. The more worth doing it must be. Bette: I don’t want to die right now. Jodi: Me neither. (pause) Do you want to try it?”

Ahhh…..There is nothing like a quote from the lovely ladies of “The L Word” to start off 2010!  (God I miss that show!)

I’ve decided that this is my year of Go Big or Go Home!

My friends have often used that phrase when referring to me and how I live my life, and we have sort of taken it on as our group anthem.   While in general if you look back over my life, my spirit, my absolute lust for adventure, joy, laughter and wild experiences, the phrase really does apply.  However over that last couple of years I would say that the “go home” aspect of that phrase has really appealed to me, and while I have never lost my appetite for adventure I have needed this time to regroup, refocus, clarify and settle into a peaceful rhythm of inner silence and spiritual practice.  I have discovered an inner peace, joy and contentment that had eluded me the entire previous decade…if not my entire life.

So here I am on the doorstep of and entire new decade!  Rested, full, content, energized and ready to do those things that I know I must do….those things that scare me and thrill me with equal measure.  Ready to say YES to all those tiny voices telling me that there is not a single thing I can dream that I can not do or be.  That if it has EVER been done by anyone….it can be done by everyone.

This year I’m setting the bars so high for my life that even if I fall I will fall forward.

My wonderful friend Andrea is leading a Divinely inspired march called “Make it Happen in 2010….Creative Dreams Come True”. I’ll be journey along beautiful souls from all over the world as we “create a year of abundance, possibility and healing”. Please check out the link above and join the joyful march with us!

The first assignment is to make a list of your dreams.  I’m choosing to list 100+ things I want to do be or have in 2010.  I’m spending today listing those dreams, daydreaming about how I will feel and experience each one, and writing them down.  I’ll be back tomorrow to share.

In the meantime………I reach out with love to each one of you reading this.  Reminding you that you are living in full participation with the infinite.  Reminding you that willingness is the only ingredient necessary and that through your willingness you allow all the good of God to come to you, flow through you and as a result vision, infinite potential and unlimited possibilities will be the fuel that drive your beautiful and unique life!

Gratefully I live these words of truth.

And so it is.

(adapted from the Sunday Service Affirmations @ Agape International Spiritual Center by Michael Bernard Beckwith)