Why Dirty Girl???

My Mom called the other day to get the address to my etsy store so some of her friends could look at my pottery.  I asked her if she had a pen and then proceeded to give her the address.  There was a long pause and then she said in an embarassed and a little uncomfortable tone “Why on earth did you pick THAT name???” You know that tone that our mother’s tend to use when they disapprove and yearn for something a bit more wholesome….lol!

And it reminded me of so much of why I did pick that name…..why it was really the perfect and most natural fit for who I am, what I do, how I live my life, embrace my creativity and the open spaces I have in my mind and heart for just a little bit of irreverence and a whole lot of fun!

I’m here, I believe we are all here, to live out loud, to move through the world in our own uniqe way.  I’m not afraid of getting dirty along the way.  Well, I used to be.  But then I lived a little and learned that life in general and especially life guided by inspiration and passion don’t stay nice and neat, clean and inside the lines.  It’s a messy world out there and if you don’t want to get your hands dirty you probably aren’t going to be doing much, well, anything of much consequence anyway…..

Why not just color inside the lines, follow the rules, listen to the “experts”, plan, plan, save, worry, invest in other people’s opinions of us (good or bad;), move through life in a little bubble, have a narrow focus, take care of you and your’s?  Cause we aren’t here to survive….we are here to THRIVE.  To make a difference, to change the world, to be the light, to realize and help other’s realize their God quality, to know that this encarnation was purposeful, that we moved the human race forward in our evolution…..transformation is the name of this game, and it’s a messy and beautiful one my friends!

Art imitates life.

Pottery and all my creative endevors have shone a light on, made visceral and given me a metaphore for the process of living, of healing, of transforming my own life and having the courageous and audacious notion that my life’s purpouse is to walk beside, get dirty with, and love othe’rs through the transformation and healing of their own lives.

So, that is why I named my pottery business “Dirty Girl” and that is why it is much more that making pots, selling them on etsy and having a hobby I enjoy and that fills me up.  Pottery and creativity in general have been the gateway to inspiration in my life, and inspiration is the very breath of God breathing through you.  It’s not a frilly thing..IT’S WHY WE ARE HERE…to be taken over with awe, to raise our vibrations, to come into alingment with source and to transform the world through our inspired action.

What inspires you?  What inside of you is dying to come out a play…the kingdom of heaven is inside you…you aren’t fallen, it isn’t something to wait for…you are emergent, the time is now  Let it out!  The world is waiting.