Happy Mistakes

Last week I was glazing a kiln full of pots and I was using a new glaze.  I had the idea that this glaze was going to be just fantastic, so I picked my favorite piece to put it on. As I was painting on the usual 3 coats that this particular manufacturer had recommended I noticed that it was starting to crack and flake.  As it dried the cracks got larger and larger and my heart sank cause I just knew the glaze would flake off and leave ugly uneven spots on the pot.  I was so disappointed  because not only did I use the entire sample but my pretty bowl was going to turn out ugly.  UGH!

Fast forward to the next day when I opened my kiln and to my surprise that bowl was the prettiest piece to come out of the kiln. (In my opinion anyway;)  The glaze had indeed flaked off in the firing and left this organic and natural resist pattern that I found so very pleasing.  Jason came home and insisted that I not put in on my etsy store to sell…HE wanted it for himself!

It now sits in out kitchen on display.  It’s my favorite bowl.  What a happy mistake!  And it got me thinking about all the ways I try to do it right, make it perfect, have it all figured out ahead of time.  Mistakes, apparent failures, things that go wrong along the way….can so many times turn out to be more beautiful than originally intended.  That piece is unique and one of a kind, something that even if I tried I could not duplicate.


That’s what I love so much about the creative process.  It puts me in touch with the rhythm of creation, with the source of all that is, with that divine energy that is so mysterious yet so perfect and that flows through each and every one of us.  We never know what will come, we just follow our bliss and allow the unfolding.  We live and actively show up for the ride that is our life.  Along the way there are cracks and flakes, wrong turns and apparent mistakes…things that we like to label as failure.  But maybe…just maybe there is a priceless piece of treasured art being created that after the fire will be revealed as such.  Get your hands dirty…..do it wrong…..I DARE YOU!

*~*Here is to happy mistakes and letting go of the fear of failure!*~*