Today I Stood at the Top of a Mountain and Cried


I did.  It’s true.

Jason and I were driving this little dirt road in the Rocky Mountain National Park that took us to a peak at 11,796 ft high.  There was another road we could have taken, the Trail Ridge Road…however we opted for the slightly more exciting dirt road that is only open from July 4th to mid September.

It was a harrowing drive at points, narrow, sometimes loose gravel, hairpin turns, steep drop offs on both sides of the road and no guardrails of course.  There were gorgeous views of mountains, a waterfall and rock formations that took my breath away.  So many times I stood there in awe with my mouth wide open I’m sure…just staring at it all.

And then we turned around a bend and there it was.  The most beautiful sight I have ever seen in my entire life.  I couldn’t describe it even if I tried.  It was one of those things that is truly ineffable.  I sat down on a boulder and just cried.  I cried those silent hot tears of awe, wonder, joy, humility, sacredness and connection with source. (I’m crying typing this the memory is so powerful)  It was one of those spots on earth where the veil between the worlds is thin, where I could feel the presence of god, the connection with the cosmos and every living thing…where I ceased to exist and became the mountain…became the melting snow that formed the very first drops cascading down the high summit that would eventually form a roaring stream.  I WAS the stream.

And then I prayed.  The prayer of a joyful radiant  goddess standing on the top of a mountain with her hair blowing in the breeze, her feet planted on rocks millions of years old, her soul at perfect peace.  I prayed the prayer of thanksgiving, of transformation, of the change and seasons….I prayed peace.  I prayed love.  I prayed joy and delight.

It was an amazing day!