Rock & Roll Inspiration

I’ve been feeling a little uninspired today.  Usually I can run to my studio and throw some pots or turn on an inspiring video to get me feeling good again, or even take a walk outside on our beautiful 10 acre property, but the Direct TV guy is here and has been here for 2 hours already, my pottery studio is torn up because of a remodeling project I’ll post about soon, and it’s hot and humid and raining outside.  Blah!

So I went through my saved favorites on YouTube and there they were… favorite band of all time, LIVE.  I have been following this band ever since their very first cd.  Every Live song has a memory for me and I’ve been blessed to see them in concert many times.  Their energy and passion is one of a kind and they always inspire and thrill me.

Their sound is pure post-grunge rock, hard and driving, dynamic and original.  The lyric deep and joyful, always meaningful and most often deeply spiritual.  When I see the lead singer Ed Kowalczyk  perform I always get the sense that there is nothing else in the entire world he would rather be doing than performing.  I find a kindred spirit in him, in that he wants to make music that means something.  Music that transforms lives, prompts new ways of thinking and ultimately changes things. Oh!  And he is a fellow mystic…gotta love that in a rock star.

So I thought I’d share some LIVE love with you!

I hope you enjoy….and listen to the lyrics, you will be inspired, I’m sure 😉

Here is Ed talking about the creative process of songwriting

Live at the Paradiso singing “They Stood Up For Love”

Their newest release “Forever”

“I Wanna Dance With You”

Aren’t they AMAZING!!!

I’ll be back in a few days with some before and after pics of my new studio and then hopefully I can post about some pottery…since this IS a pottery blog after all…lol!