garden veggies 013

“Every moment of your life is infinitely creative and the universe is endlessly bountiful. Just put forth a clear enough request, and everything your heart desires must come to you”

~Mahatma Gandhi

It rained last night.  One of those really great thunderstorms with fat happy raindrops and thrilling lightening that illuminates the sky.  This morning with the rain still fresh on the grass, I walked out to my garden and squealed with delight at the sight of all t he veggies that were ready for harvest. I ran inside, grabbed one of my bowls and promptly filled it with goodness that I used in this evening’s dinner.

As we sat and ate dinner (pasta and veggies in a white wine and lemon butter sauce) I felt so full of gratitude.  There have been some rough times over the last few years: 3 months after I opened a 6,300 sq ft spa I realized I was under-capitalized and overextended and my husband lost his job, 3 years after that losing my home to foreclosure and literally not knowing where we were going to live or how we were going to eat, then a month ago getting laid off from my manufacturing  job just as we had re-built and recovered fully from the craziness of the preceding years.  Gratefully, we have saved and this latest twist has been easy and has turned into an unexpected opportunity to dive more fully into my pottery and look at where I want to go next without financial pressure.

But it got me thinking.  Every step along the way there was ALWAYS enough, and many times more than enough, I just didn’t necessarily see it or know it.  I know now, cause I have lived it, that the universe IS endlessly bountiful.  My cup…or rather my bowl runneth over.  And just like the inner form of the bowl, wide and open, ready to receive, I now live my life in anticipation of all the abundance the universe is ready to pour into my life, all I have to do is ask!