To Begin

Welcome to my blog!  I’m so excited to be making my first post!

I’m laughing this morning because this blog is nothing like I had imagined it.  A couple of months ago I decided on the name “Dirty Girl Pottery”  I love it because it sounded a little naughty and edgy (just like me).  I had tons of images on how the blog would look…trendy and modern with an updated grunge feel.  I even had a mysterious and sulty photo taken of myself in an abandoned urban building in Detroit that matched the “theme” so very well.  I was all set with my “original insistence”.  I was beginning with the end in mind…isn’t that a Covey principle or something?

15 versions of my blog later, many horrid photos of my pots in edgy but ultimately disjointed settings, I went outside on a beautiful afternoon and started taking pictures, I always have felt so at home and alive in nature.  Then I remembered my friends Amy and Sarah had suggested I take pics of my pots outside (I had originally blown them off..didn’t they know my pottery name was “dirty girl”?).  So I grabbed a couple pots and literally 6 hours later I had fallen in love with them all over again. They came alive and found there natural expression out there on the rocks, in the tress and on the beach of my pond. My pots and I were happy!

I remember my hero and mentor/muse, M.C. Richards, standing in front of a painting saying out loud…”what are you, what are you…what do you want to be?” while she praised the colors and praised the cosmos as she touched the brush to the paper hanging on the wall.

I know as a potter, many times I will have a ball of clay worked up to a point where nothing is happening and I have to risk the life of the pot to see what might be.  Other times I go into a sort of trance and there is a vessel on the wheel in front of me and I barely remember centering.

It’s all a reminder that it’s fine, if not preferable to do what you do and not know what you are doing.  That sometimes we have to get out of the way so the inspiration and mystery can move through us.  That in life as well as in art getting rid of fetters is a necessary pre-requisite to creating anything of value.

An so that is how I begin this blog, with no attachment to what it is going to be.  I look forward to writing and sharing about pottery, creativity, healing, joy, inspiration and the numinous nature of making art.

Till next time……